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TicketMeister PRO - Raffle Tickets and Chinese Auction Cards
We soon discovered that funeral homes wanted a simple and inexpensive program that was capable of printing and numbering raffle tickets. Initially, it was unclear to us why a funeral director would want this kind of software. Now it is very clear. Throughout the United States, it is the local funeral director to whom numerous local non-profit organizations (such as religious and fraternal organizations) go in an effort to get financial help to pay for raffle tickets for fund raising activities. Where providing tickets once required writing a check to a local printer, funeral homes can now provide their own raffle tickets for local organizations using their own computer and printer for as little as $5.00 for 500 tickets. This idea evolved into TicketMeister, our stand alone raffle ticket printing program now offered to the general public as TicketMeister PRO. Visit for more information and free downloads.

Using TicketMeister PRO, anyone can print professional quality raffle tickets. Using our pre-perforated stock, it is now possible to print raffle tickets costing less than a penny apiece! At less than a penny a ticket, TicketMeister PRO has - arguably - evolved into one of the least expensive and most effective advertising tools available for any fund raising group. TicketMeister PRO users can also print reserved theater tickets and the wildly popular Chinese auction cards.

PrintMeister - Unique Printing Solutions not found elsewhere
Introduced in the first quarter of 2008, Printmeister is the premier tool for printing unique items not found elsewhere: perpetual wallet size calendars, door hangers, raffle tickets, bingo cards, bookmarks, tent signs, a consecutive page numberer, and - pardon the pun - myriad other products. Visit for more information and free downloads.

Custom Perforating
In the first quarter of 2009, we will be introducing - a single source for both 1) off-the-shelf pre perforated paper and 2), a quick and cost effective way to design and order custom perforated paper products.

Third Party Vendors
In addition to designing our own proprietary software, Myriad Data also develops products for third party suppliers and manufacturers. That is, we will design and develop software for you to distribute to your customers. One example might be putting "your company's name and face" on product derivitives of our software (e.g., extracting the bingo card printing program from PrintMeister as a stand alone product) to sell as your own. And, we would provide complete technical support to your customers. For example, the Gerffert Company, a New York supplier to religious goods stores all over the world, hired us to develop their Gerffert Quik-Print software program. Quik-Print, which Gerffert "package sells" to its customers along with its Bonella line of Holy Cards and Folders, provides their customers with a simple yet elegant tool to print directly onto perforated sheets of cards and folders which display the renowned Italian design artwork on its memorial cards.

Dealer, Distributor and Vendor Inquiries Welcome
If you are in any way interested in representing any of our products or services, we welcome the chance to talk with you. Call us at 800-364-1509.

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